Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Doa of OMT

Today in my OMT (Ostepathic Manipulitive Treatment) lab we learned about treatments for ribs. The description of the diagnosis sounded something like this.  

"If the ribs don't like to move during inhalation they are in exhalation,
And if they are restricted in exhalation then they are in inhalation,
Whichever rib stops moving first during inhalation is in exhalation dysfunction which means it is restricted in inhalation."

And for clarification
"The picture of exhalation restriction corresponds to the picture of inhallation"

It eventually made sense to me, but I had to laugh because it sounded like something I had read before:

"Be bent so as to become whole
Be crooked so as to become straight,
Be empty so as to become full,
Be worn so as to become new.
Posses little so as to acquire;"
The Doadejing

Who ever knew that studying ancient Chinese religious texts would help me in medical school!  


Midlife Midwife said...

OK, now I am laughing too. Sounds a little like that old funny skit that goes, "Who is on first base." Is is any wonder normal people can't figure out what their doctors are saying?

Photography By Jo said...

It's all over my head!